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The Oribi Gorge – a place of echoes – was created over millions of years as the Umzimkhulwana river carved its way over flat rock, finding faults in the stone and eroding enormously deep and narrow gorges. At the base of the cliffs there are rocks that are over 100 million years old.

There is beauty wherever your eyes rest, but you can
look forward to highlights such as:

  1. The Overhanging Rock
  2. The Chimney
  3. Camel Rock
  4. The Needle
  5. Baboon’s Castle
  6. Lehr’s Waterfall
  7. The Heads
  8. Lovers’ Leap

Suspension Bridge (84 meters)

A spectacular opportunity to be suspended between
heaven and terra firma, as you hover 100m above the
Gorge floor enjoying views never before seen of Lehr’s
Waterfall, Baboons Castle and the World’s Highest
Gorge Swing.

Entrance Fees & Map

Children (3 – 12yrs)
Children (under 3yrs)
no charge


Once making payment at the Oribi Gorge Hotel Curio Shop, you will receive a map of the property. Present your receipt to the guard at the boom-gate entrance to gain access to the view sites.

Day visitors welcome!

Opening Hours
Strictly 08h00 to 17h00

We regret, due to the high risk of fires (the view sites are surrounded by sugarcane plantations) braais are not permitted.